1. Create self-appreciation sticky notes about your daily accomplishments.

Taking the time to appreciate the little and big milestones you have achieved is a great way to make your pregnancy more enjoyable. Maybe you went to a Lamaze Class or met with your Doula and Midwife when you didn't want to. Those are all accomplishments! This wall can serve as a reminder of all the things you have accomplished on the days when you are not  feeling your best self.  


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2. Celebrate you with a  Pregnancy Photo Shoot.

Set a date and location for your pregnancy photo shoot. There are many resources for you to find the best photographer that can understand and execute your vision. When looking for a photographer make sure to shop around so you can  feel comfortable and confident in your photo session. Bringing a close friend, your partner or a family member to assist with wardrobe change; can add to the joy of your photography session. 

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3. Join a Parenting Group!

 They have many names. Mommy-to-Be, New Mom  or the Inspired Parenting Groups available online or in your neighborhood can support your understanding of what resources are available.  There are even extensions of the local ones available online. Some of our favorites are the The Mocha Moms of Brooklyn  for mommies who are stay at home and identify from the diaspora. While  La Leche Leaugue discusses questions around breastfeeding and offers lactation support. These groups help to assist in making your journey into motherhood more enjoyable because you can share ideas and concerns. 

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4. Take a Forest Bath.

In Japan, there has been much research into how trees and plants have a positive effect on our mental, spiritual, and physical health. Health and wellness is especially important during our pregnancy. Visiting your local park and walking around and/ or meeting with a friend or family member once or twice a week can support in your ability to clear your head. Also, you get the added bonus of enjoying the sunshine which adds to increased levels of Vitamin D. Listen to what forest bathing is all about!

5. Positively Affirm Your Motherhood Journey.

An affirmation is an encouraging phrase to set one to thinking in a more positive way. Some simple affirmations during your pregnancy can include:

-"I am going to be a great mother because I love myself and will love my baby too."

- "The food I am eating is nourishing my baby and me." 

- "I am exited to meet my baby because they are a beautiful part of me."

- "I appreciate my ability to carry this baby."

- "My mommy body is strong and beautiful."

- "I am making the best choices for my life and my baby."

- "The changes that I am experiencing are allowing me to become a stronger, wiser, loving and more experienced person so I may be the best parent to welcome my baby."

You can also create your own and practice saying them while listening to soothing music. Check out some related pregnancy affirmations 


6. Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has been a go-to for many mommies in reducing pains associated with the physical changes associated with pregnancy for centuries. With so many great yoga resources at local health and fitness clubs there is bound to be a class close by. Make sure your yoga teacher has a certification to teach yoga for pregnancy. Also, check out introductory classes that are often low-cost or free at a local sport's club or community YMCA. 

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7. Create a Vision Board 

Vision Boards for goal setting have become quite popular. Creating one for your pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood can be an enjoyable way to reflect on your perspective of motherhood and can hang up as a reminder of the experiences you'd like to experience with your own child to have. You may also choose to include your affirmations and or quotes about motherhood that can inspire you. You may even want to journal about each image placed on your vision board as a reminder of your reflections and emotions about pregnancy. To get an idea of how to create your own visit this link.


8. Schedule Spa Time

Now that you are on your way to motherhood and you are feeling more tired and achy this is the perfect time to set up some me time that includes a wellness touch. Make sure that you have done a spa comparison before making a commitment. Your body will thank you.

9. Laugh

It may seem simple enough but as the days of pregnancy progress it may be harder to do. Yet, laughter has been proven to be effective in helping to ease stress and releases endorphins. Watching a comedy or sharing a good laugh with a friend while you reminisce about past memories can aid in releasing your happy emotions. Learn more here.

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10. Have a Decluttering Party

Taking the time to organize and get rid of old items not used such as stacks of paper, clothes you haven't worn and broken furniture can be difficult to do on your own. Especially when pregnant! So why not send out invitations to family and friends via email to support you once a month in decluttering your home?Friends and family can support you in taking items to donation centers, or re purposing them for themselves. This is also a way to make people feel apart of your maternal journey. You can also choose one of these "decluttering" parties as a day to do a baby gender reveal!  To learn more about how to declutter here is a great book on letting go of sentimental items refer to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

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Written by -Marshalla; CEO & Creative Founder of Bubbly Moon Naturals