Art Heals: Soap Making and It's Legacy


"Art Heals" 

Have you noticed that there are many adult coloring books being sold in retail stores now? There is much research connected to the benefits of coloring for adults and how art therapy is related to relieving stress. A healing art if you consider. Research tells us that when one creates, one can tap into the abilities needed to manage and cope with stress in a better way.

I believe soap making is a healing art and age old tradition that helps one connect their five senses to their spiritual senses.The ability to deal with and tap into stress coping skills can be found when creating natural soap.

  For some deep reason, I became obsessed with everything connected to natural soap making while in graduate school. If I had stopped to think about it; I had always been obsessed with plants,trees, flowers and the essential oils they produce.

When I was a young child I remember how my grandmother did her best to recreate the garden she had bought with my grandfather in Bushwick. She decorated it just like a traditional home from Puerto Rico. It was full of herbs and spices from her homeland. In her garden she had a live apothecary; full of herbs, shrubs and flowers that reminded her of home and served to support our bodily ailments. oh, how I had a taste for all of the things she grew!

I became wide-eyed every time I saw my favorite flower growing in my abuela's garden; the rose! I loved the way the rose petals felt on my tongue and how the sharp flowery aroma  filled my nostrils as I chewed on them as fast as I could. I tried my best to chew quickly before she would catch me and make me spit out what was left. 

It was no wonder that when launching my small business; Bubbly Moon Naturals, I created a soap in her honor; the "Roses are Red Wine Soap". It was decorated with the rose petals from my wedding bouquet. While creating the "Roses are Red Wine Soap" I reminisced of my times in her garden. I thought of her and our times together. As I used my spoon to create indentations for the rose petals to lay on my soap creation; I thought of the bright sunshine that created a rainbow on the water coming out of the water hose which  I used to spray her rose garden with.

After decorating the soap and washing my hands, I admired my creation and even placed one petal in my mouth and began to chew. To my surprise, making soap had helped to foster a healing memory! This soap recipe and creation assisted me in connecting with my abuela who was no longer physically with me and wasn't able to attend my wedding. In turn, I was able to share that special memory with those that had  helped in my wedding by gifting them with this special soap! 

Art heals. 

Throughout all the soap making creations I have crafted, each has led me to understand the importance of becoming self-sufficient and how developing an awareness of the properties of the natural plants and herbs in my environment.

 Not only have I been able to tap into into how natural soap aids in cleaning my skin gently and effectively, but how it assists me in learning how to develop a better respect of  Mother Earth. As a natural body product maker; I have become more aware of ways I can help the environment to heal. I have gained a newfound appreciation for our planet and its natural riches. I am so appreciative that I can find local ingredients to assist me in crafting wonderful plant-based skin care for my customers.

 It is my hope, that those who read this blog, will discover and join in their own self-journey with nature.

A journey of self-care begins with becoming aware  and taking actions towards contributing to one's own health and wellness. For you, it may not be soap making. It may be redecorating or carpentry or botany. Whatever you have an interest in, may it lead you to creating a better life for yourself! 


Stay nourished in mind, body and spirit!