Commercial Soaps vs. Naturally Homemade Soaps

Although, many people still approach me about the great things they have heard about my natural soaps; they are wary. Why wouldn't they be? Since birth, they have seen advertisements about commercially made soap. These commercials appear on T.V., in popular baby and parenting magazines, and in Sunday coupon excerpts. All of which have used such beautiful models and cleverly scripted testimonials to plant the seed of thought that beauty and health will radiate from their audiences' skin if only their products are used. 

Yet, have you ever really looked at what's on the label of the commercial soaps you buy? Can you pronounce the words in the ingredients list? Can you relate any of the ingredients to something you normally have in your cupboard or in your refrigerator?

During my pregnancy and after it, I became obsessed with all things natural. I even remember going to a famous "natural" body product store in my quest for having soap that was natural. Yet, after doing careful research on the ingredients listed on their labels; such as methylparabens, parabens, dimethacone, urea etc. I quickly learned that I was hoodwinked.

When I would view certain commercials that promised a moisturizing feel after bathing; I was hoping to read that this company's ingredients list would coincide with what they were marketing. Time and again, I realized I had been lied to. If it wasn't for me reading up on natural remedies and educating myself on how certain ingredients affect my body then Bubbly Moon Naturals, LLC wouldn't have been born. 

 Mind you the process hasn't been easy. I knew that finding a balance between my full-time teaching career and having a natural product line would be daunting. It still is. Yet, I know how meaningful it is for me to not only nourish my skin but share my artisanal body products with others. 

Now, I am not a clinician, doctor or dermatologist. I make this perfectly clear to all people who inquire about my products. I always point them in the direction of self and formal education and promote that they see their physician or dermatologist if they want to understand the skin ailments they suffer from.

We all know that knowledge is power. That is why I also advise all of my customers to  compare and contrast the ingredients in Bubbly Moon Naturals to the products they have been using for years. I believe that when a public is knowledgeable about the products they use, then they become more powerful consumers. 

I also want to note that their are some handcrafters/homemade body product makers who choose to use ingredients that are also used in commercial brands. Err on the side of staying educated when purchasing anything that goes in or on your body. 

As an artisan body product maker and specialist it is my hope that you may develop a greater understanding of why you can be confident that what you see on the ingredient labels of all Bubbly Moon Naturals products is what you will get. 

Stay nourished in mind, body and spirit!