A Blanket from Mom

As a Mommy-to-Be it can be challenging to choose the right name for your baby. Some of the reasons include family members chiming in and telling you that because a specific relative died it would be good to name them after that loved one. So their memory may be kept alive. Or, it could be that you and your partner both have different ideas on whether or not the the child should be named after one of you. While it can seem all too confusing it is important to remember that what you name your baby will be how the child identifies them self. Most likely for the rest of their life.

So how should you choose a name for your baby?

I always think that some important things to consider are our hopes, beliefs and/or traditions. Whether they are spiritual, religious, or mission related is key. Even taking into consideration what you would like your child to aspire to. All of these are factors to consider.
For example, some people may name their female child Hope. Which is the American version of Esperanza; a name which originates from Spain. The male names which are equivalent to Hope and Esperanza are Jahleel (American) and Kibou (Japanese). While all these names have a similar connotation, each is rooted in religious, spiritual and different cultural traditions. Many people take these traditions into consideration when thinking of a name for their child. On the other hand, there are many parents who are opting to combine different prefixes, suffixes and even are combining two names together. For example, I met a lady recently named Triquinta. Her mother created this name because she was the third girl born of the family and she was the fifth child. I also met a man whose middle name was a tribute to Hugh Masekela; a great African jazz musician whose music inspired his parents. I have also met people who are named after cities such as Brooklyn or Houston.

While there is no easy answer to choosing your baby's name, it is important to do research about the origins of the name you wish to give your child. There are tons of books and websites that can assist you.

You may want to also type in your proposed baby name into multiple search engines to see if there are certain positive or negative connotations to that name.

At the end of the day, it is your choice! Take your time. Be authentic to your beliefs and the values that align to what you would like your child to become and already is. Remember that although they are apart of you they will eventually form their own identity. So give them a name that they can be proud to say and one in which they understand its significance.

Happy Baby Naming!
Written by Marshalla Ramos-Inde

CEO and Creative Founder of Bubbly Moon Naturals, LLC

A plant-based and illuminated skin care company specializing in

natural products for your pregnancy journey!