Appreciating the Dad in Your Life

What do you notice about the fathers in your neighborhood?  In Brooklyn, New York there are an array of fathers that come from all over the world. The studio where I handcraft  our Mommy-to-Be skin care products is in a diverse section of  Bedford Stuyvesant where there are Dads who are African-American, German, Puerto Rican, Bolivian, Russian and Brazilian. Then,there are some partners who take on the role of Dad because they adopted a child or they are in same-sex marriages. There are even “Block Fathers”. These are the men who live on the block and look after all the kids playing outside; help to fix their bikes or warn them to stay out of the road. All of these fathers and father figures deserve to be appreciated.

They need to be appreciated for how they hold their newborns closely and keep them warm on cold winter days. They need to be thanked because they are telling their children stories on the stoop while Mom gets some alone time, or because they are waking up early to take their children to school. I observe all of these Dads teaching their children something; whether that is how to play ball, bike ride, read and write or how to take care of their pets. All of these fathers remind me each day that they love and want the best for their families. Their actions help our community to thrive and remain hopeful. In honor of your year round efforts we thank you.  Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate Father’s Day by sharing the ways in which you appreciate the Dad in your life!