Fall Product Ingredient Spotlight

The Fall season is the perfect time to take into consideration how you will hydrate your skin. It has been noted that our skin absorbs at least 60%-70% of what we put onto it. If we think carefully we know that since skin is our biggest organ then we have to take care of its health too. Skin health is directly connected to how we feel inside. Especially so for expecting and new mothers.

When our skin is dry it directly correlates to being dehydrated. That is why it is suggested to drink as much water as you can; especially in the fall and winter time when dehydration can come in the form of headaches and irritability. 

With skin hydration in mind, our Fall orders are going to include a sweet and beta carotene rich ingredient; the organic sweet potato! As with all of Bubbly Moon Natural's recipes, I carefully choose ingredients which have been proven to be good  for the inner and outer body. 

Organic sweet potatoes are  infused into our base recipe which includes Shea butter, coconut and sustainable palm oil so that we could highlight the beauty of using root vegetables. Root vegetables are are a staple in many cultures and we wanted to show how super these roots are!

What makes the sweet potato so special? For starters the nutrient-rich component of this root when compared to others has an unbelievable amount of beta carotene; 8,509 units per 100 gram worth. Beta carotene is a naturally occurring antioxidant that supports eye health and is good for providing a mood booster. Everyone's body, mind and spirit is boosted when what they are putting quality ingredients inside and on their body. 

Another reason we chose organic sweet potatoes into our soap recipe was because Vitamin A is known to naturally exfoliate the skin and promote smooth skin feel. Your skin will definitely feel fresh and  rejuvenated after bathing with our Sweet Potato Soap. 

While the recipe we created for this soap does  have a light exfoliating feel, it does leave the skin feeling smooth and clean and is perfect for the Mommy-to-Be who wants to indulge her skin in the ultimate bath/shower experience!

We will offer two options for orders; one that is safe for pregnant women and does not include cinnamon essential oil and one that does. It has been stated by noted aromatherapists that certain essential oils such as cinnamon may cause irritation to pregnant women. You won't be disappointed with this creamy soap.