First-Time Mom & Mommy-to-Be Book Club

There were many times I had questions as a first-time mom that were hard to get answers to. One was how to tell if my baby has an allergy and how to eliminate feeding her foods that would harm her. I also had questions surrounding my post-partum body that I didn't feel comfortable discussing with my mom. Most importantly, I had question about what were the best skin care products to put on my baby's skin. 

So I did what I knew how to do; research. However, when I had my first child over twenty years ago there weren't any pre or post-natal books written by a woman of color that I could easily purchase or could speak to the issues I was confronted with. Now some people may ask; why does it matter if a book is written by a woman of color or not; if it gives you the right advice? My answer is it matters. It matters because their are unique experiences that connect to varied cultures and ethnic groups that may not be discussed in a book that is meant to answer one particular group's questions or may not speak in the varied voice and/or from that unique perspective.

That is why when searching for ways I could connect to you; the mommy-to-be or first-time mom, I researched which books would be the best to have an open, and honest discussion about and in relation to pre-baby and post-baby weight, post-partum intimacy and what to really expect when raising a newborn.

The criteria for choosing our first book was that the book would be available in multiple platforms; hardcover and audible and that the book could offer advice from a woman of color and from a medical perspective as well. 

Our first book is ; Whoa Baby! by Kelly Rowland and Tristan Bickman, MD. To purchase your hard copy you can click on the title above or visit your local book store. You may also purchase a Nook or audible version

Our first book club meets every Tuesday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. via our Secret Face Book Group and a schedule will be posted for each chapter. Our first discussion will be on the Introduction "What Do I Do Now?" where Kelly Rowland speaks on her unique experience on "...growing a baby inside her body--what could be more important than that?"  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. 

Please join me at:  or email us at with your link to your Face Book profile so we may add you. 

See you soon!