The Big Latch On & National Breast Feeding Awareness Month

This month Bubbly Moon Naturals' founder and CEO; Marshalla was able to debut her newest skin care product; Natural Nipple Salve at The Big Latch On at Restoration Plaza.

The Big Latch On is a community building event that is connected to the Global Latch On. Both are rooted in the philosophy that a woman's right to breastfeed is key to the livelihoods of mama and baby.  The event was hosted by The Young Brown Collective .

Marshalla was able to interview two Breastfeeding Mothers; Devon Stewart of Uptown Milk and America of Earthly Jewelry Coll3tiv3 who were willing to share their breastfeeding journey.

What impressed us the most about these breastfeeding mamas was there complete confidence to share the challenges and understandings about breastfeeding in their local communities. Ameria was able to share a friend's challenging experience of work place discrimination in regards to pumping her breast milk. While Devon stated how nursing is a way to create a natural bond between mother & child.

Lastly, we were able to speak to doulas and listen to them share their experiences of how important it is for a mom to feel supported in her right to nurse her child. Doula Thamar Innocent shared how she nurtures women of color post partum in explaining the services that are available to them. 

Marshalla immediately shared how La Leche League supported her in the journey to breastfeed comfortably. That is why she chose to donate a portion of all Mommy-to-Be Subscriptions to their organization for the 2017 year. 

We were glad to learn of all the breastfeeding mamas experiences! You can check out more by visiting the following video links:

 Devon Stewart's Interview:

Ameria's Interview:

Sending you all Illuminated Light!

-Bubbly Moon Naturals