Our Chamomile Infused Nursing Salve

Drinking chamomile as a tea is known for enhancing our ability to relax and invites the feelings of tranquility. Chamomile is also used for respiratory issues and to treat minor skin conditions. Through-out the world many cultures have infused chamomile in medicines and to offer aromatherapy relief.


When making our current batch of nursing salve I used my intuition and a lot of product testing to call me to the herb that would offer the most support for the various issues associated with breastfeeding. I had been researching the effects of chamomile and while there are very  few official studies that have been conducted on chamomile; I trust the way chamomile soothes my senses and skin whether I infuse it in a bath or use it in a simple scrub. I have implemented it as a go-to herb for anxiety and to aid in skin rejuvenation when my own child has had eczema and restless nights .

In order to create Bubbly Moon Naturals’ Natural nursing salve; I cold-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil with organic dried chamomile flowers and stems. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and chamomile were shaken every couple of days in mason jars for many, many months (my proprietary secret!) and when ready was infused with other skin conditioning oils such as meadow seed oil and the Brazilian plant/vegan alternative to beeswax; carnuba wax; to create a gentle and effective nursing salve that will support mama in her breastfeeding experience. Happy National Breastfeeding Awareness Month!

Please share your breastfeeding story with us by emailing us at bubblymoonnaturals@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in a future blog.

At the Bubbly Moon Naturals website you can choose to purchase the Natural Nursing Salve to be delivered monthly or one time.This post is not meant to diagnose or treat any diseases or skin conditions. Chamomile is not approved by the FDA or Government agencies to cure any skin conditions. This is an opinion blog and is for educational insight purposes only.