Your Pregnancy & The Deodorant You Use

You know your body best and by the time you become pregnant you have done your research on what chemical and natural ingredients may be harmful to your skin during pregnancy. It should be noted that during pregnancy because of the large hormonal shifts that your body undergoes what you were able to use as a deodorant before most likely contains ingredients that can be harmful to not only your own health & wellness but to that of your developing baby. So what criteria should be considered when purchasing a deodorant? 

The criteria to choosing a deodorant should be based on the following:

  1. Can you understand the product listing? If you are able to understand the purpose of the product and what it can do for you then that is a plus.
  2. Is there information available online and in notable books about the ingredients listed? If there is information that you can access and is noted and referenced in multiple sources online and in books then that brings you closer to your decision.
  3. Are you allergic to any of the ingredients? Checking to see if you are allergic to the ingredient list is key because you don't want to mistakenly put a product on your skin that can be harmful. During your pregnancy, it is recommended by some health professionals to get an allergy test done.  

 So what makes a a  deodorant safe during pregnancy? All of the above and... it should be able to eliminate underarm odor using plant-based ingredients and be available in unscented for newly pregnant women (0-3 months)  and be available in  essential oils versions for those who are further along in their pregnancy or are in the post-partum stages whom enjoy having a scented product. It also should have a label that fully discloses all of its ingredients. This way the expecting mother can research and compare it to what she may be currently using. 

The base oils which are the supporting ingredients of the deodorant and bind the active ingredients to control odor should be made from plant oils.

According to Colleen K. Dodt author of Natural Baby Care: Pure and Soothing Recipes for Mothers and Babies; "However, you must be sensitive, aware of what the oils are doing." Her biggest motto throughout her chapter on caring for yourself during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation is to "Learn as much as you can."  

Learning as much as you can about the products you put on your skin is key to having a pregnancy where you feel empowered because you are making the steps to becoming knowledgeable on what works best for you.

Which is why when creating the Refreshing Sea Clay & Shea Butter Deodorant I wanted to make sure that each ingredient  included was beneficial to ensuring underarm bacteria didn't have a fighting chance to cause unpleasant odors as your body goes through the changes of pregnancy. 

In each handcrafted batch of the Refreshing Sea Clay & Shea Butter Deodorant, arrowroot powder is used as the main ingredient. It absorbs body odor naturally and feels light on the skin. While cornstarch enhances the feel and easily combines with Sea Clay (a detoxifying silt property of the sea), Organic & Responsible Sourced Palm, Organic Shea Butter,Organic Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Zinc and are free of man-made fragrances. 

I formulated this recipe with loving concern based on the core value that it should be safe for expectant mothers and those who are nursing. Since the launch of  this deodorant I have seen many customers recommend it to not only pregnant women but to those who prefer a refreshing deodorant without harsh chemicals and even those who are going through different skin health challenges. This is why the  Refreshing Sea Clay & Shea Butter Deodorant comes in three formulas.

For months 0-3 of pregnancy, the unscented version is recommended.

For months 4-9 of pregnancy, the light lavender essential oil version is recommended. 

After pregnancy, and for those who are nursing the citrus essential oil  version is recommended. 

While for many first-time and experienced moms many may be used to scented formulations of deodorant; it is important to remember that while your body is undergoing tremendous hormonal changes, it is best to have products with the gentlest ingredients to keep your skin luminous,radiant and safe. Deodorant is no different!

Sending you positive thoughts for you to stay nourished in mind, body and spirit throughout your motherhood journey.

*The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any issues of the epidermis or internal health of any individual. They are solely expressed to provide an alternative to current commercially made skin care options.