Pregnancy Skin Care Routine and Self-Care

Welcoming the changes of how our body is uniquely shaped and reshaped during pregnancy takes a lot of compassion for oneself. It is important to have compassion for how unique our experience of carrying life is and how that journey into motherhood evolves each minute of each day. 

I wish someone had shared these words with me during my first pregnancy. Even if they would have done so, I probably wouldn't have been able to absorb them as I was consumed with not getting one stretch mark! I rubbed every cream I could find on my body to keep it supple and smooth while it stretched. 

Alas, I realized that simple ingredients worked best! I remember coming across a natural remedy book on pregnancy and reading how to make a simple recipe for pregnancy skin care. I was elated! I didn't have to purchase something that wasn't specifically made for my pregnancy skin care routine which also was full of chemicals. 

It's been almost 22 years since my journey of developing a natural pregnancy skin care routine began. What I have learned is in order to have compassion for our mommy-to-be bodies we have to  utilize natural self-care. A pregnancy skin care routine can activate and assist you in maintaining a compassionate spirit for yourself. A natural pregnancy skin care routine nurtures a spirit that is more patient and one that can eventually welcome all the unique changes your body will and will continue to undergo.

Most importantly, remember that your efforts to nurture your unique journey into motherhood are a necessary part of being and feeling whole. 

May your journey into motherhood be full of self-care and pampering. Because you deserve it!