We are Happy to be an Animal Cruelty-Free Company!

The answer to why we chose to be a vegan and animal cruelty-free company is simple.

 Bubbly Moon Naturals doesn't believe in testing our plant-based skin care on animals because:

1. Bubbly Moon Naturals loves animals

2. There are many Bubbly Moon Mamas that lovingly test out our products on their own skin for us. Even if there weren't we still wouldn't do it. We would test on our family and friends. 

We wanted you to know this so you could understand that our commitment to providing you with skin care that will always be cruelty-free is not a passing fad. To see out certified cruelty-free listing visit the Leaping Bunny Program website and click on Shopping Guides. You will see our listing under the letter B. You may also find us listed as a certified vegan and animal-cruelty free business on the Peta website.

We hope that you will make the commitment to shop cruelty-free too.