Refreshing Sea Clay & Shea Butter Cream Deodorant

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Our Refreshing Sea Clay & Shea Butter Cream Deodorant is especially formulated to control odor using the antioxidant power of Sea Clay. It  is super concentrated and is made perfect for  the Mommy-to-Be, Nursing Mother and those with sensitive skin. 

Each small batch is handcrafted using  natural odor-absorbing ingredients and packaged in glass jars that are reusable

*organic ingredients

  • For months 0-3 of pregnancy, the unscented version is recommended. Without essential oils. 
  • For months 4-9 of pregnancy, the light essential oil of lavender  is recommended. 
  • After pregnancy, the citrus essential oil blend   is recommended. 


Directions:  Using a dry finger tip apply a one or two pea-sized amount to clean underarm area. Reapply as needed. If irritation occurs; discontinue use.


Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder,*Corn starch, **Organic Palm Oil, Sea Clay, **Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, **Coco Butter, Zinc, ***Essential Oils, and Aluminum Free Baking Soda


** Organic

***in the lavender and citrus blend  

This is certified cruelty-free & vegan product. 

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Net weight 1 ounce/28.35 grams