About Bubbly Moon Naturals


Our Founder and CEO

Marshalla Ramos-Inde; mother, wife, author, herbalist, and instructor. For years, many of her friends and family expressed how they enjoyed her natural skin care products. When she realized how effective her products are it encouraged her to pursue her passion for herbal skin care to grow into something more.  So, with lots of research into how to turn her hobby into a business, she pursued her dream. Marshalla knew from her first daughter’s birth how important it is to use pure and natural ingredients in her skincare routine. So, in 2010, she began formulating products in her studio based on the herbal wisdom she inherited from her own grandmother.


Since her passions have always been centered around motherhood she decided to create a name for her skin care line that embodied the bright spirit she saw on the faces of expectant and new mothers. So in 2014, Bubbly Moon Naturals was officially formed! Creating a company was a leap of faith for Marshalla yet one where she could truly share the empowering knowledge that plant-based skin care is an important key to the overall wellness of a woman's motherhood journey.

Bubbly Moon Naturals' Mission:

We believe every Mother & Birthing Person deserves to be pampered using natural plant-based ingredients.  That is why each handcrafted product is carefully formulated to be gentle for your journey into and beyond motherhood.

Each year a portion of Bubbly Moon Naturals' sales contributes to local non-profits that directly support mothers and children enrichment programs.

Since Bubbly Moon Naturals was formed it has obtained the:

-Minority Business Women Enterprise (M/WBE) Certification via the New York City's Small Business Association

-The Leaping Bunny Vegan & Animal Cruelty-Free Certification

- The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Vegan & Animal Cruelty-Free Certification

Today Bubbly Moon Naturals' skin care line specifically focuses on creating products which are made to nourish, hydrate and support the motherhood journey by being gentle and effective.



Have a question about our plant-based skin care? Or about a recent order?  You may e-mail us at info@bubblymoonnaturals.com, Text us at 347-470-2994 or call us Mon.-Fri. from 10:00-5:00 p.m.