About Bubbly Moon Naturals

Bubbly Moon Naturals,LLC is a small-batch made vegan skin care line based in Brooklyn, New York. Our founder; Marshalla Ramos-Inde; M.A. in Education, author, herbalist, soap maker and entrepreneur, comes from a long line of herbalists and artisan hand crafters. 

Bubbly Moon Naturals' Founder


Bubbly Moon Naturals' Mission:
To create skin care with wild crafted and organic ingredients that are not tested on animals and are packaged in Eco-friendly materials. 
Each year a portion of Bubbly Moon Naturals' sales contribute to local non-profits that directly support marginalized families. 

-Minority Business Women Enterprise (M/WBE) Certification via the New York City's Small Business Association
-The Leaping Bunny Vegan & Animal Cruelty-Free Certification
- The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Vegan & Animal Cruelty-Free Certification

All products are shipped out twice a week and are quality tested on people with sensitive skin care issues. While our product ingredients are not FDA approved, we incorporate traditional herbs and oils that have stood the test of time and have been lauded by herbalists for centuries. Our products are not meant to diagnose or treat any specific condition and all ingredients should be reviewed before buying. 

We purchase our plant ingredients from certified Vegan and Animal-Cruelty-Free Distributors and receive certifications of compliance from each company every year. 

 To Contact Us:
Email: Info@bubblymoonnaturals.com
Phone: (347) 470-2994
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