Hydrating Belly & Body Serum Pre-Order

We are expecting and you are invited to the delivery! Pre-order your Hydrating Belly & Body Serum which debuts April 2, 2018! Your pre-order purchase will infused with nourishing and enriching plant & essential oils made for the stretchy and itchy skin that is apart of carrying a beautiful child.  

To pre-order send us an email to info@bubblymoonnaturals with the subject line "Hydrating Belly & Body Serum Pre-Order" along with your delivery address and full name. All pre-orders will receive free delivery in the U.S. and it's territories, Canada and Mexico. You will receive an invoice follow up for $22.00 for your Belly & Body Serum which is a 10% discount from the original price. The last day to pre-order is 3/31/2018! Afterwards the regular sale price will be reflected!