New Beginnings for Spring

New Beginnings for Spring

Dear Bubbly Moon Naturals Community,

I am so glad to share we have a new website. It has been a long time coming. Some products have been updated too. These include new names, shapes and sizes for some of our products. Plus, we have a new option for our soap making classes too. 

Here are some of our updates:

Hair Shampoo is now Hair Soap Bar.

Why?  Because commercial shampoo has chemically derived ingredients that we don't include. But this bar is packed with essential hydration that cleanses at the same time. These ingredients include charcoal, combined with beneficial oils to hydrate and cleanse the scalp and hair. 


Hand & Body Cream is now in a new cobalt blue glass bottle and includes two ounces more than our previous jar. 

Why? Because the previous clear jar affected the integrity of the natural plant ingredients and has become harder to source since the pandemic. With our new cobalt blue glass bottle, Bubbly Moon Naturals is able to offer a better price and will be offering a shipping discount to those who live outside of New York City. For those who meet us at our in-person markets we will offer refill options. 

Lastly, we will be including more videos of our product features and how to use them. 

Since this is a new website many of our client reviews are gone. But if you'd like feel free to contact us with your product review or write one on our website or via social media and tag us at #bubblymoonnaturals or @bubblymoonnaturals on all platforms. 

Also, our pet grooming products will be coming back this month too. 

Stay tuned for our Earth Day Newsletter to learn about our upcoming markets. Plus, a special offer. In the meantime, don't forget that our next in-person soap making class is Saturday, May 11th. Use code: Spring2024 to save! For those, who can't make it we have Friday Virtual Soap Making Classes too! 

More updates will be coming soon. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

With bubbly regards,








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