Our Promise:

  • To incorporate high quality botanicals and herbs that are locally sourced.
  • Honor Mother Earth and our heritage with sustainable packaging practices.
  • Continue to comply with regulations that ensure we remain cruelty-free and vegan. 

The Bubbly Moon Naturals Story


How do we offer such high-quality products?

 Our Founder Marshalla fell in love with botanical flowers when she first watched her abuela (grandmother in Spanish) grow her own herbs and flowers in her Brooklyn backyard garden. She would grow the most amazing plants, herbs, vegetables and roses. Marshalla often found herself researching the properties of plants and botanicals and creating natural skin care in response to her family's negative reactions to commercially made skin care. After receiving positive feedback from friends, family and colleagues; Bubbly Moon Naturals was launched in 2014.  Today we sell our products online, in local boutique stores and at in-person farmer's markets. Incorporated into our small batch, high quality products are locally harvested herbs and botanical flowers from our own Brooklyn Garden, local Herbiaries and farms in New York. We craft each product in small batches to ensure quality. We also incorporate certified vegan and cruelty-free ingredients such as plant oils and butters to enrich your natural product experience and support no animal testing, and that are products remain cruelty-free.

Founder’s Story

Bubbly Moon Naturals was founded out of a wish to follow my passion of working with plants and to have a natural alternative solution for my family's skin that could be readily available using what was growing locally and accessible to us.  I have always had an affinity for plants, herbs and botanicals since a small child. I have my abuela to thank for that. She introduced me to herbs, and flowers that she grew, used for home remedies for cooking and to craft her own herbal hair and body care products such as soaps and moisturizers. However, it wasn’t until I did my own research, that I became serious about formulating natural skin care alternatives for my family. This was due to experiencing skin sensitivities to the additives that were placed in commercially produced products, that my passion resurfaced. With each Bubbly Moon Naturals creation, I thank my Abuela for instilling her passion for plant-based alternatives down to me and all of my ancestors who worked with their hands to provide us with these tried-and-true techniques which I am so happy to share with you!