Collection: Deodorants

Bubbly Moon Naturals Vegan Cream Deodorants are infused with minerals, clay, shea butter and other beneficial plant oils. They are available in our four signature scents. 

No. 1-fragrance-free

No. 2-woodsy

No. 3-herbaceous

No.4 -citrus

A little goes a long way. All you need is a pea-sized amount or less to fight odor causing bacteria. Each handcrafted deodorant is certified vegan, and cruelty-free and come in sustainable plastic-free packaging to promote a low carbon footprint that allows customers to reuse and recycle.

Trust Pilot Customer Testimonial 

Vegan Cream Deodorant tan label with white metal top in glass jar laying on artificial leaf grass. Bubbly Moon Naturals name and product info is displayed on label.