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Bubbly Moon Naturals

Personalized Gift Box

Personalized Gift Box

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Bubbly Moon Naturals' Gift Box is a great way to celebrate and show love and appreciation. Our gift box is white, and you have a choice of choosing fragrance-free, woodsy, herbaceous, or citrus signature scents and either a blue, red or natural twine ribbon. You may leave a message to add to the box in the note section at checkout.

  • 5.5 oz each of Two Artisan Soaps.
  • 6 oz Foot Scrub 
  • 1 oz Cream Deodorant
  • 2 oz. Agua Botanica Aromatherapy Spray 
  • 8 oz of Hand and Body Cream 
  • Sisal Soap Body Scrub Soap Saver Bag or a Loofah Sponge
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